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Unsure if this is for you?

Here's a random handful of feedback we've got, please read on and find out if this is for you!

Why did you originally come on the bootcamp, what were you struggling with?


I had very little confidence in myself and my design ability due to constantly being knocked down from job opportunities. I also had lost a lot of motivation to work on my own personal projects and finish my website. 


I was stuck in a design rut and had been going over the same projects for months, but feeling like I was getting nowhere. I didn't feel confident about presenting my work to prospective employers. 


I was feeling unmotivated and I didn’t really know where to start/what to do. I was kind of all over the place. 


I was lost as a designer. It's very easy to fall into the design of leaflets and all kinds of crap you don't really want to do. The graphic design field is very large. I wanted to find out who am I as a designer, otherwise I knew I will stop loving my job. 


I felt I lacked a design support group and really missed creative input that I do not get on a regular basis as a freelancer.


Well, I was struggling and trying to find my core again, and didn't know how to approach studios, or just get enough insight and feedback on my designs


Industry knowledge, personal branding, website and portfolio design, landing a job. I had no closure, I was feeling lost in my career, I was doubting myself and my skills.


To improve my portfolio, create connections with everyone in attendance, and get through my quarter-life crisis of not knowing what I want to do within design industry change.


I was struggling figuring out what exactly I wanted to do, and how I needed to be ready to land a job in the industry. I was super unmotivated and lost!






Do you feel that problem was solved?



Definitely yes! It helped me feel confident in the professional choice I made and the things I really love designing.


Totally. I have 10 new best designer friends that are all so passionate and willing to offer advice, feedback and encouragement. Plus I feel as if I finally received the approval to focus purely on Illustration (I was always unsure of this direction and treated it more like a hobby than a career choice).


YES! Definitely, can't wait to get out of Quarantine to start looking for studios here in Amman and just join forces to create sick designs! 


YES!!! I felt so much more confident coming out of it and I got the closure I needed. Still need to figure what my next steps should be, and where I'll be applying to and when should I start a studio of my own.


Absolutely – I love meeting people and I'm excited to keep building a design community here in LA with my city host.


Definitely! Frankie did all of that and then more!


I do! I definitely feel a lot more confident in my designs, plus cranking out that many projects so quickly did wonders for practicing my skills and working with deadlines! I appreciated being pushed, as I have lost that and needed the motivation to be a better designer.


YES, absolutely! 100%


YAS. I felt a lot more confident, have specific directions and how to be YOU in a sea of designers (and appreciate others without comparing them to myself). 


Absolutely!! I don't think I would have been able to solve the issues on my own and doing the bootcamp was probably one of the best decisions I've ever made! I felt extremely motivated to continue once the bootcamp was finished. I feel like I also have insight into the industry that I definitely did not have before. 


Yes! The bootcamp allowed me to bring new life to projects that felt old and tired. I have a brand new website and portfolio that I am excited to show off.


Yes, I feel like I have direction now and a supportive network of other designers to assist me.





What did you love the most from the bootcamps?


I loved that I felt like I could be vulnerable and share my struggles with my classmates due to the community that we built. And of course, having Frankie's feedback on my work was so valuable. 


Meeting other designers and realising I'm not the only one struggling with certain challenges and issues. I loved the open dialogue and encouragement, alongside constructive, actionable feedback.


I loved the clear information and insight into what we should be doing and why we should be doing it. So many simple things that make so much sense I had never been told or given insight into that have made a huge difference to my professional life. 


I loved connecting with everyone and getting to know Frankie! As someone I've followed online (not in a creepy way of course) for a long time, it was special to get to know each other on a first-name basis! I feel like I have a design community around me now and that's really special! 


The inspiration and motivation I felt the entire time I was surrounded by such amazing and lovely people! 


People. All of them. Having a design family to fall back on. All the love and acceptance we received.


I loved talking to people and feeling less alone, and also the collective adding of mockups and resources. I think a lot of doing good design is having resources like fonts and mockups to make your folio look good, and having a whole group of people working together makes everybody's work look amazing.


Finding out that I am not the only one who feels the way I do 


I loved the motivation boost, and making friends from all around the world! I feel like I have a great support system!


Just choosing one is difficult!! I love the whole thing, it was an experience™️


The push from Frankie. The sharing of content (IG handles, designers, Mr Bingo). The recommendation and inspo resources (which I'd never discover on my own). I loveeeee all the artists, funny people, design leaders you recommend because it makes me feel less alone and it also encourages me to not be afraid to be weird/quirky. But more importantly, how successful designers all have struggles too. Each of us has our own journey and this is just the beginning for me <3 :D I love the buddy system and feedback you gave to push the design even more "some of the mockups are letting your work down, it's not your design" Kudos to that. 


For starters, the ability to focus on myself and my design work for 2 weeks with no distractions or excuses. I also loved meeting people from all around the world, all different ages, who are all in a similar position to myself. Also Frankie is just an absolute legend. 





Feedback for Frankie Ratford, head teacher



Frankie, you are brilliant at what you do and I know understand so much better. Thank you for your time and friendship and I wish we had more time together! Here's to Tulum hopefully? #beatcovid19


OK. This person... Can she be more charismatic, inspiring, good-vibing, positive, funny, easy going, helpful, kind, loving? I sincerely consider myself as a LUCKY person to have met her. She is now a part of my life. 


I bet she will win an award one day for all the things she's doing. 100%


You were an idol to me before I met you, and after meeting you, befriending you and hearing all that you've accomplished you are now an even bigger inspiration to me than before! Feedback? Nawwww you're friggen great, don't ever change!!!


Yo! You are amazing! love your energy, love your guidance you are our true hero


Pulling these together is super impressive and the connections you've facilitated all of us making is amazing. I really appreciate getting to spend time working through things with you. Thank you.


You are an amazing beacon of light in the dark and mysterious post-uni world of job hunting and I am so thankful to have met you! You have inspired, uplifted, and comforted me and I will never forget it! Keep kicking ass and you are welcome at my door anytime!  


I absolutely love Frankie. She is amazing, brilliant, and such a joy! Feedback - Put Frankie's personality out there while promoting the bootcamp, because if people knew the kind of person they were getting mentorship from they would come in millions. 


You were AMAZING! I loved your energy it was so infectious. I appreciated that you expected so much out of me (in a good way) because that keeps me super motivated to do well!


Frankie is an absolute mom! Love her always!! Thinks about her children and what they need, and what's best suited for them.


I could feel your positiveness and awesomeness radiated all the way to California. Hahah. I looked forward to hearing you teach us to be a BADASS in what we do every day, I mean it. I havn't had such a badass female teacher for so long and getting to be honest with you has been a really wonderful, heartwarming connection. You are awesome at what you do and I could slowly feel myself breaking out of the box I was originally confined to. Doing shit I want to do. 


Frankie, what you're doing and the way you're helping all these people and myself is incredible. You're a massive inspiration and in only 2 weeks my entire perception of the industry and my abilities have completely flipped. The way you share your stories and the ability to be so authentic is very refreshing. I don't have any feedback but again I just want to say a huge thank you. 


Frankie, thank you so much for everything! I am so happy with my decision to do the course and feel that I gained so much from our time together :)


You're awesome. I can't thank you enough for your help and guidance. I feel like I've really got someone in my corner. A mentor at last!


Thanks for helping me believe in myself! I hope I can have a beer with you at Stone & Wood when the world is normal again :) 

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