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Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and has a population of 9 million people making it the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world. CDMX was originally built on an island of Lake Texcoco by the Aztecs in 1325, which was destroyed in 1521. 

Come see traditional arts, visit ya mate Frida Kahlo's house and meet our friends at Anagrama and Futura design studios.

Mexico City, Mexico 

Selina, Mexico City Downtown

Nearest major airport: Mexico City International Airport (MEX)


Why we think its ace:


8 DAYS of classes, activities and talks

Limited to 20 spots in the class

Local city experiences and/or studio tours

One-on-one coaching sessions with Frankie daily

Epic travel experience with new design friends

Make global design connections

Private intros to your favourite studios




What you’ll be doing:


20 job options and why you’d be good at them

Hardcore industry research

Resume hacks and how to fill your empty resume

Full 2 days on making your portfolio as sexy as possible

Optional extra briefs to mix up your folio

Getting a professional head shot

Building/fixing your own website

Developing your personal brand

Managing your work instagram like a boss

Reaching out to dream jobs while you are at the bootcamp



What it includes:


All classes (lectures, classes, one-on-one sessions), 8 nights accommodation (shared rooms, 8 to 10 people per room in bunks with curtains for added privacy), all taxes, meals (breakfast x8, dinner x5), WIFI, working space for classes.




Airfares, transfers, and all other travel/transport costs, travel insurance, lunches.


Cost: $1350 USD

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