FAQ's for Creative Residencies

As the questions come in, we will be throwing them all up here for you! Keep them coming!

I've got in, now what?

Next step, book flights! Arriving anytime Saturday, flying out Saturday (unless you want to book separate accommodation for a few days after). Fly into Townsville airport and check the Sealink ferry timetable here to try and tie the flights in with the ferries – please arrive before 1pm on the Saturday so I can collect you! You don’t need to book a ferry, just rock up at Sealink terminal in Townsville ten mins from the airport and jump on a ferry ($17 each way). Let us know which one and we will be there the other end! 

What do I have to deliver for my Creative Residency?

Nothing! The residency is completely self driven by you, we just provide a co-working space, a nice place to rest your head at night and a triopical island to live on for your stay; to open your mind, get inspired and get those creative juices flowing again. It could be as simple as simply working for your boss, from a different location for a week. Or some personal project you've been putitng off for months (or years – lets face it!). It might be small or it might be big. Either way, it's completey up to you : )



Do we get our own room?

Of course! Choose between the rust room, the green room or the peach room, it is yours for the duration of the stay and comes with all the bed linen, aircon, hanging space for your clothes and a shower towel for your stay. For couples we would recommend the green room as it's a little bigger than the others.


Is the kitchen free to use whenever we'd like? 

The kitchen is fully stocked with everything you might need to cook while you are here and you can use anytime, day or night. If you need anything, please ask!


Are the rooms secure/do they lock? 

Yes, you will have your own key for your room, plus one to the building. 


Is it just guests that stay on the property overnight? 

Correct! Jungle Club is a collection of fun businesses; we have an onsite coffee van (and will be gifting you a daily free coffee as one of our three residents), the co working space, and the three residency rooms. In another part of the building there is a tattoo studio coming soon and a gallery. You will be sharing the lounge, kitchen and bathrooms with the co-working space, which is open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm daily. The coffee cart is open in the garden area 7am – 2pm each day, but they do not have access to the main building. The space after-hours will be yours to share with your two fellow residents, and the pool too!


How is it getting around the island? 

Super easy! The island is 75% national park, and has one road that runs along the east coast north to south, 10km in length. It starts in Horseshoe Bay in the north, through Arcadia, the main town of Nelly Bay (where we are based, the supermarkets and the ferry comes in) and Picnic Bay in the south. The bus runs up and down the road, from 6am to 11pm at night. You can also rent a scooter per day for exploring, and we will be around to show you things too! Most things in Nelly is walkable – the supermarket, the bottle shop, cafes and restaurants, and a sweet little wine bar next door (say g’day to Chris for us). 


Do you have any spare monitors at the co-working space that would be available for use during our time?

I have my 27” Mac screen I am happy to lend out, it has a USB C adapter. 


I'd love to run a workshop while I’m there, how does it work?

We’d love that! We can help promote it locally and help you make some money back for your already tax deductible trip! Basically Suz runs the Locale co-working space, so for a very small fee you can “rent” the co-working space one night and all the earnings are yours to keep. If this is something you would like to do, please message Suz in advance via the gram @locale_coworking to arrange a date and time.


Are the bathrooms shared?

We do have two full bathrooms with showers in each which you will be sharing between three residents, 5pm through to 9am. 


What should I pack?

Bathers for sure, lots of beach time! Runners for local easy hikes. It’s a balmy 28 degrees up here all winter and gets hotter from there. A single jumper. Creative supplies you need for your work. Laptop and chargers. Sunscreen and a hat. Camera. Usual holiday things!


Can I paint a mural?

At the moment, we are keeping things pretty simple but we do have a workshop space for you to paint canvases if laptop work isn't really your thing. Again, let me know in advance if you would like this space!