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FAQ's for Creative Residencies

As the questions come in, we will be throwing them all up here for you! Keep them coming!

About the space:


The residencies run Saturday to Saturday. Unlike an Artist Residency, it's much more casual, no deliverables required. As of July 1st, you get a private Airbnb for room up to 3 people for a super affordable $1200 p/w, on a tropical island, working on your projects surrounded by incredible nature on the Great Barrier Reef. 



Dates and times to book:


Check in is 3pm and out is 10am, both Saturdays. You're welcome to stay on the island past these dates at another venue - try Selina in Horseshoe Bay!



Getting there:


Getting to the island is very easy, simply fly to Townsville, Australia (Airport code: TSV), 10 min taxi/shuttle to the Sealink ferry (not Magnetic Island Ferries which is for vehicles), a 20 minute ferry ride where you buy your ticket on arrival (no booking required) and a bus will meet you at the other end, cash only so bring cash as the next bus is timed with the next ferry an hour away! Get on the Horseshoe Bay bus, get off at Nautilus St and keep walking the direction of the bus for 5 houses, until you see Maggie A–frame. Your entrance is around the side to the right, 105B Horseshoe Bay Road, Horseshoe Bay. The key code will be texted to you! We recommend looking at ferry times before booking your flight.



Other links for cool things to do:


Locale Co-working at Jungle Club; for $25 p/d or $100 p/w you can rent your own desk in the space, and also includes a meeting room for calls, and events and activities for members.   

Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

Selina Horseshoe Bay; also has a co-working space if you want to mix it up! Contact them for pricing. Also swimming pool, drinks specials 4pm – 6pm daily and free bird feeding at 4pm!


Tiny Palm Coffee at Jungle Club; voted the best coffee* on the island (by us! But also everyone else!), Jesse and Scotty run the coffee van. Awesomeness. 

Daily 7am – noon.


Jorj Creative at Jungle Club; a *brand new* photography studio. Complete with coloured backgrounds, epic lighting and Jorjie on the camera, you can book in head shots, epic content shots, products shots and or shoot your portfolio. SO good! 

By appointment only, book in advance.


Allure Ink at Jungle Club; that's right, there is a tattoo studio on the island. Dangerous. Hailing from across the water, Skye and Ek launched their second venue at JC, and split their time between the two.

By appointment only, book in advance.


Juniper & Company at Jungle Club; a brand new homewares shop will make you poor, we promise. SO much good shit tucked into our little shop opposite the coffee van. Bring your pennies and room in your luggage! 


Hike the Forts walk; an hours gentle wander up, with steep stairs at the top but amazing lookouts! If you want to see a koala in the wild, this is where you see one : )
Free of charge, sunrise is best time

Massage by Toni Clancey; if you need some R&R, Toni offers massage (relaxation and hot stone) and is brilliant!

Nelly Bay, contact her for pricing


Beautician; Justine at Endota Spa can help you out!

Nelly Bay, contact her for pricing


– Rent an electric bike and go off roading! Hit up Tim at Roaming Magnetic Island for the pricing. 









About Jungle Club

Questions we've received from you guys:



What do I have to deliver for my Creative Residency?

Nothing! The residency is completely self driven by you, we just provide a co-working space, a nice place to rest your head at night and a tropical island to live on for your stay; to open your mind, get inspired and get those creative juices flowing again. It could be as simple as simply working for your boss, from a different location for a week. Or some personal project you've been putting off for months (or years – lets face it!). It might be small or it might be big. Either way, it's completely up to you : )


How is it getting around the island? 

Super easy! The island is 75% national park, and has one road that runs along the east coast north to south, 10km in length. It starts in Horseshoe Bay in the north, through Arcadia, the main town of Nelly Bay (where we are based, the supermarkets and the ferry comes in) and Picnic Bay in the south.

What should I pack?

Bathers for sure, lots of beach time! Runners for local easy hikes. It’s a balmy 28 degrees up here in winter and gets hotter from there. A single jumper. Creative supplies you need for your work. Laptop and chargers. Sunscreen and a hat. Camera. Usual holiday things!



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